Kylie Jenner’s all-black Christmas jumpsuit makes her look like Cat Woman, and we love it

The holidays are about family, love, and generosity. But they’re also sometimes about rocking super festive outfits that we can’t wear any other time of year. And Kylie Jenner is wearing a black, sequined jumpsuit for Christmas, proving our point to perfection.

Now Kylie has already wowed us with several holiday Insta posts lately. There was the adorable picture with BF Tyga under a giant Christmas tree. Oh, and that KILLER gold and black crop top ensemble (which she took in front of her amazing living room holiday decor).

And she’s officially done it again, looking ridiculously amazing in this skin-tight ensemble.

WOAH. Now that’s some holiday GLAM. We really like how Kylie opted for a bold, sparkly black this year (instead of the perhaps more expected red or green). It’s festive, yet unique. Also, note the caption: “Krismas” — clearly a wink at the family matriarch, Kris Jenner (where we can assume the whole family is congregating this year).

What’s that you say? Another photo from a different angle? But of course!

Notice the mint green nails? ON POINT, GIRL!

Seriously, we genuinely are in love with this incredibly sexy holiday look and we’re so glad our Kardashian-loving eyes got to see it this fine Christmas morning.

HAPPY HOLIDAY, KYLIE. And a happy holiday to the whole Kardashian/Jenner brood!

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