So, Kylie Jenner and Tyga casually released a NSFW short film of them showering together over the weekend

In case you missed it, Kylie Jenner and Tyga released a NSFW short film of them showering together over the weekend that the film’s director/photographer Sasha Samsonova referred to as the couple’s “little surprise gift for the world.”

We know we shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but TBQH, we don’t recall putting NSFW visuals on our Christmas wish list. But it’s not like they gave us a gift receipt, plus we missed the cutoff to exchange it for a free Burger King whopper, so we watched it anyway.

Remember when Jenner and Tyga kissed under a Christmas tree and shared the adorable, sweet photo on Instagram?

Yeah, well, this film, which is simply titled Kylie, is the complete opposite of that innocent, lovey-dovey image. For whatever reason, Jenner and Tyga want everyone to know how they look when they’re dripping wet, basically naked and rubbing all up on each other in the shower.

Sorry, but we don’t have all the answers, y’all. And if you’re thinking that’s TMI, blame Jenner and Tyga for the hot and bothered description because we’re simply stating facts.

According to People, Kylie was filmed a month ago in LA, which was around the time she shared this pic of herself straddling Tyga.

That’s definitely on the racy side, but pales in comparison to the short film, which opens with a naked Jenner smoking a cigarette. Then the rest of it is pretty much close-up shots of her wearing a white tee while showering. Eventually, Tyga enters the shower and gets all handsy, and we’ll let you take it from there.

At this point, we suppose we should show some gratitude to Jenner and Tyga for thinking of us during the holidays, but if they have anything like this planned for New Year’s, we’ll feel a lot more comfortable with getting a gift card.