Kylie Jenner and Tyga might be getting VERY serious, if these new pics are any indication

The ever-tumultuous Kylie Jenner and Tyga may be going from off-and-on again to very on.

At least that’s according to some suggestive social media posts shared by Jenner over the course of the past couple days, leading to speculation that Tyga may have popped the big question. On Friday, she shared a photo of herself leaning into a car window sporting a mysteriously sparkly ring.

She followed up with a photo on Facebook yesterday, in which the 18-year-old is seen leaning against her rapper boyfriend’s leg, with the caption “Mr. and Mrs” with her arm extended as if to show off the ring.

No confirmation from the Kardashian/Jenner clan as of yet, but we have a feeling Kylie will continue to keep us guessing, as this isn’t the first time that she’s started the rumor mill (though it’s hardly like a woman in her family needs a reason for some bling).

As People pointed out, in July 2015 she shared a photo on Instagram of herself wearing a diamond ring, but followed up with a tweet that said “Not planning on getting married anytime soon :)” And just to continue to keep us on our toes, this past Christmas she tweeted a gigantic rock of ring, claiming on her app that she was given it as a gift “from a special someone.”

This also isn’t the first time that her relationship has sparked controversy, beginning when the duo first started dating when she was just 17-years-old and he was 25-years-old, making her technically underage by legal standards.

We just want the best for Jenner, especially after their most recent breakup, when Tyga claimed she had been detrimental to his career. A strong woman deserves someone who supports her, so we hope that regardless of an engagement he has changed his ways.