Kylie Jenner and Tyga are so back on that it’s Instagram official

This weekend may not have been Valentine’s Day but love was certainly in the air for Kylie Jenner and Tyga. The back on again adorable couple just made their status Insta-official by posting a totally sweet candid picture.

The two are clearly feeling the love for each other in this shot, with Kylie melting in her BF’s arms as he dishes out an adorable sweet kiss. Her patriotic emoji caption certainly doesn’t elaborate on their relationship, but it certainly doesn’t need to. From the matching his and her bling-tastic watches to the totally glowing look on both their faces, it’s pretty obvious that these two have found love in a patriotic place.

It’s nice to see these two lovebirds have worked it out and are back together. They’re obviously happy being with each other and that happiness, based on this picture alone, is totally infectious. And they’re certainly open on social media about sharing their happiness with everyone so it really feels like we’re all a part of the sweetness that is their relationship.

It’s great to see these two back together and we hope there’s lots more love-sharing to warm our all of our hearts.

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