Kylie Jenner’s new tie-dye nails have started a totally groovy summer trend

By now, it’s safe to say that tie-dye fashion is summer 2019’s biggest trend, with celebs like Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, and Demi Lovato all trying out the tie-dye look in recent months. Now, Kylie Jenner just showed off her new tie-dye nails, and we are officially taking this photo to our next manicure appointment.

Jenner posted her new nail look on Instagram Thursday, June 13th, rocking hippie-inspired pastel nails with dip-dyed shades of blue, green, pink, and yellow—in her signature square coffin shape, of course. She also showed off a Barbie pink pedicure with a few gold toe rings, and suddenly we’re obsessed with all these ultra ’90s trends again.

The beauty mogul always seems down to try fun new nail looks, but tie-dye is truly the ultimate throwback vibe that we want to replicate this summer.

Jenner also shared a close-up video of her throwback toe jewelry while rocking some glittery flip flops, which would have looked just as cool for a trip to the mall in 1996 as they do now. It’s just more proof ’90s beauty and fashion is still alive and well…as if there was any doubt.

We figured that we’d see tie-dye everywhere throughout summer, but now that Jenner is sporting it, we know the trend isn’t going anywhere. We love that colors can be mixed and matched any way you like. Check out some ways nail artists, celebrities, and Instagrammers are showing off their tie-dye nails.

No matter what vibe you’re into, or whether you prefer pretty pastels or bolder shades, these nails are seriously groovy, baby. We’re diggin’ it to the max.

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