Ultimate throwback: Kylie Jenner is rocking teal hair again

We’ve seen Kylie Jenner with pretty much every hair color, from a zany peach to a classy blonde. We can’t help but dream about her wig collection that probably boasts pretty much every color of the rainbow. And now, we’re getting major throwback vibes after she displayed a fab teal look on Snapchat last night.

Back in 2013, Kylie became known for her signature look after dyeing her actual real hair with streaks of teal that made *everyone* want to channel their inner mermaid. It looks like she’s been missing it as much as we have, because she went all out with a fully teal wig and bold long fringe.

Kylie seemed to really be ~feelin’ herself~, because the selfie queen also took a video showing off her new(ish) look.

She also struggled a little bit finding something to wear that would show off her hair perfectly, but because she’s the ever-so-fashionable Kylie Jenner, she obviously nailed it.

We’re loving this teal look and we’ll just be sitting here forever coveting Kylie’s amazing collection of wigs. Mermaid hair for summer 2016? Yes, please.

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