Kylie Jenner’s cropped sweatshirt is so tiny, is it even a sweatshirt anymore?

If there’s one thing we can all be on the same page about in this crazy world it’s that Kylie Jenner has hands down got to be the ultimate queen of all things next level. Real life, this girl could slice up a trash bag, sport it on Snapchat, and would no doubt have everyone wondering what couture store they’d have to rob in order to get something similar. Kylie’s latest Insta post isn’t of her wearing a trash bag, but it does have us digging around in our closet for some outmoded sweatshirts to recycle.

The new post shows Kylie rocking a super cropped Harley Davidson sweatshirt over a neutral tank. And by super cropped we mean cut well above the tatas for extra #freethenipple vibes.

So basically, Kylie just might be the genius who finally cracked the code on what comfy/sexy looks like.

Jury’s still out on how this particular cutout came to be…

All we can say is that we’re pretty confident Kylie’s new show will have tons of fashion inspo for us to steal in the future. And until then, we’ll be low-key trying to make this happen for ourselves.

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