Kylie Jenner just went door-to-door surprising some lucky fans, and we’re super jealous

Kylie Jenner has already created an incredible brand for herself (at an impressively young age). Her gorgeous lip kits have beautiful colors she models herself, which likely helps them to sell out like crazyBut now she’s endeared herself even more to her beloved fans by going out of her to do something truly spectacular for a few lucky supporters.

And, in typical Kylie-style, she keeps us all updated on the happenings via her heartfelt (and often hilarious) snaps.

Since the whole adventure was a surprise, she started out with a pretty cryptic post (in case one of her loyal fans was maybe watching in real time).

And if that weren’t enough to make you wonder what was going on, she posted this about her “summer surprises” campaign shortly after.

So then, what, Kylie are you up to?

Turns out, she was *hand-delivering* her latest eye palettes before they even went on sale! She was going where her supporters live and work to make sure they got this very special delivery.

It was such a sweet gesture than many of the lucky fans were, understandably, totally shocked and excited.

And from the looks of it, she was having as much fun delivering them as the fans were to get them.

Hopefully this isn’t the only surprise this talented lady has up her sleeve for us. If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to get a palette this time around, she’ll undoubtedly have lots of fun ways you can get them very soon (and, who knows, maybe you’ll even be hand-delivered one from the mastermind herself!).

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