Kylie Jenner shared a photo of Stormi with her great-grandma MJ, and we’re not crying, you’re crying

Kylie Jenner has shared plenty of photos of her baby daughter, Stormi, but there’s always a filter, a bizarre angle, or it’s blurry because it’s a Snapchat video — while we’re all for Gen-Z baby snaps, we were admittedly eager for an old school, filter-free baby photo. Late Sunday night, March 11th, Kylie posted a photo of bb Stormi Webster with her great-grandma MJ, and it’s the full-on, cuteness-up-close baby photo we’ve been waiting for.

In the photo, Kris Jenner’s mother Mary Jo Houghton is seen cradling Stormi as she gazes directly into the iPhone lens, pacifier in place. The second photo is another close-up shot of Stormi’s little hand wrapped around her great-grandmother’s fingers, not unlike Kylie’s first public photo with her child.

“I mean.. does it get any better than this?” Kylie captioned the Instagram post.

Kylie seems to be adjusting to motherhood like a champ. Her mom Kris recently told that her 20-year-old daughter was “born to have kids.”

"I think she was just born to have kids, Kris told the mag. “I felt like I was the same way. I wanted to have a baby when I was 16 years old. I thought about how many kids I would have. So I think that some people are just…when you know, you know.

Since giving birth, it’s clear that Kylie is officially BACK. She’s back on Snapchat, she’s sharing post-baby body selfies, and, best of all, she’s back on the scene with her sisters. Khloé Kardashian recently celebrated her own baby shower and it was the first time we saw all the Kardashian-Jenner sisters out together in months. They later celebrated Khloé’s beau Tristan Thompson’s birthday together (he turns 27 on March 13th).

Good to have you back, Ky! And please, keep those unfiltered Stormi pics coming.

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