Kylie Jenner posted her first video of Stormi, and the internet lost it

Since welcoming baby Stormi into the world on February 1st, Kylie Jenner has only given us one teeny tiny glimpse of her little one (the now-iconic hand photo) — even though fans are dying to see more. But in true Kylie fashion, she knows how to keep us on our toes. She just posted a video of Stormi’s tiny baby toes, and managed to give the entire internet baby fever.

Days after almost destroying Snapchat with a single tweet by declaring she doesn’t use it anymore, Kylie took to the app for the closest glimpse of Stormi yet. The new mom shared a short video of Stormi’s toes as she rubbed them, cooing, “Mommy’s cute little toes,” and we basically melted into a puddle.

Though we haven’t seen a full glimpse of Stormi’s sweet face, Kylie did bless us with an Instagram shot revealing her little cheeks, mouth, and hand, quickly becoming the most-liked photo on Instagram…obviously. So it makes sense that her Snapchat video of Stormi’s foot is sending the internet into a frenzy.

Check out the adorable (yet all too brief!) Snap video Kylie posted yesterday, February 25th:

Too cute, right?! Fans were understandably obsessed with the video, because who wouldn’t be? false


But some still want more, and we can’t say we blame them.

We’re sure Kylie will share photos and videos of baby Stormi with the world when she’s ready. But for now, we’ll just gush over her adorable li’l hands and feet. So precious.

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