Kylie Jenner shut down those boob job rumors in the best way

Like many women in the public eye, Kylie Jenner has to deal with a lot of people talking about her appearance and her body (and to be fair, she IS a reality TV star — and that, sadly, comes with the job). Whether it’s people critiquing her style choices, the way she presents herself, or the nature of her pictures, it can feel like a woman has to triple think everything she posts to social media before she clicks “upload.” For Jenner, posting photos of herself can even lead people to openly question whether or not she’s had plastic surgery. And recently, just that happened. Jenner posted photos to her Instagram account which prompted users to speculate that she’d had a breast augmentation.

A slew of commenters commented on Jenner’s breast size to the point where she felt the need to offer fans an explanation. The young star went to Twitter to explain herself — not that it is anyone else’s business to begin with.

Jenner tweeted that she would “Um never” get breast implants, as many fans speculated she had, and went on to explain the apparent difference in her breast size.


As we all know, being on our menstrual cycle can definitely increase breast size and cause swelling in that area.

Jenner went on to clarify her choices down to her choice of bra, stating:

Personally, we respect what anyone chooses to do with their own body, whether that involves plastic surgery or not. We think it’s a little insane that Jenner (or anyone) needs to explain themselves to this extent, but hey, at least we all know what bra to buy next, right?

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