Kylie Jenner may finally be launching the one face product missing from Kylie Cosmetics

Those of us who have battled dark undereye circles since we were children are always on the hunt for new and improved concealers that might finally make us look like we got enough sleep.

A few days ago, Kylie Jenner graced us with a sneak peek of what appears to be her rumored Kylie Cosmetics concealers, and her latest tease has us even more excited than we thought possible.

First, a disclaimer: The thing about undereye circles is that what may look dramatic and offensive on our own faces doesn’t usually look as bad as we think it does. We think that all natural skin textures and shades are beautiful and deserve to be embraced.

That said, we love having options when we want a brighter and smoother undereye area. Kylie’s skin has been looking particularly fresh, dewy, and glowy lately, and it has us itching to get our hands on her new collection.

While details of the new products coming to Kylie Cosmetics are still scarce, fans are speculating that she may come out with concealers and that they could launch before the end of the year.

Trendmood shared Kylie’s sneak peek, and whatever face products these are, we’re pretty sure we’re going to need them.

Kylie has been awfully generous with the teases and hints in the past few days, which surely must mean a launch is coming soon.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this concealer line kicked off a larger, more comprehensive line of skin products in the near future. Could foundation be next? Only time will tell.

Keep your eyes peeled on Kylie’s social for clues on when this mysterious new concealer will head our way.

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