Kylie Jenner is selling a shirt with her butt on it, naturally

Today in Things That Don’t Surprise Us, Kylie Jenner is selling a shirt with her butt on it. We could just sum this up by being all meh about it, because it’s not like Jenner’s a nudity newbie. Remember that NSFW short film where she and Tyga showered together? Yeah, so that entire vid is still totally awk, but it proves the point that Jenner has no qualms about flaunting her buns.

Look, who doesn’t want their hind parts to be embraced and celebrated by the masses? Judging by the internet’s reaction to this photo of Justin Trudeau’s butt, Jenner’s T-shirt sounds like a super smart business decision, which she’s kind of good at making, ya know?

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While we definitely encourage folks to appreciate this garment in the name of body positivity, we also want to caution you against wearing said T-shirt to work, unless you happen to be an employee at The Kylie Shop or something (in which case, be a doll and send us some freebies). In the T-shirt photo, Jenner isn’t completely naked, but she’s dressed in a red bra and a pair of oversized jeans that are hanging just beneath her bare backside, which is obviously facing the camera.

Here’s The Exclusive Cheeks Tee, which The Kylie Shop posted on Friday:

Love the name, btw.

We could talk about butts all damn day, or why Jenner chose to print hers on a tee and sell it despite the risk that she might encounter a bad butt day and still be faced with the possibility of seeing it sprawled across someone’s chest in public. But we’re hoping she has a plan for that.

While she’s handling that, folks who lucked up on the Cheeks Tee need to be more focused on more important stuff, like which lip kit shade goes best with it.

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