Kylie Jenner says goodbye to platinum and dyes her hair rose quartz

The youngest of the fashion-setting Kardashian-Jenner sistercrew, Kylie Jenner, updated her platinum hair to a rose quartz, and we are on board for the fall floral vibes she is giving off. While some fans might understandably feel loathe to say farewell to the platinum Jenner look, it’s hardly surprising the 19-year-old model has once again changed her hair, considering her colorful and expansive wig collection. This causes us to wonder: is there ANY color Jenner can’t pull off?!

Based on the way she gently pulls off her current shade of rose quartz, Jenner could probably claim all the garden shades for her moneyed locks.

Luckily, for those interested in jumping on the gorgeous yet hard-to-attain rose-hued bandwagon, celebrity hairstylist Guy Tang just released a new line of dyes specifically dedicated to achieving those sought after shades of lilac or rose quartz.

Now, you and your hair can travel across the rainbow with Jenner.

While we are loving her current rose quartz look, it’s always fun to look back through Jenner’s hair history and speculate on what her next look might be!

In a recent post on her app, Jenner talked about which shade she had been considering after blonde, and it wasn’t rose quartz.

"I've been thinking about dyeing my blonde hair red before I go back to brunette again," she said.

Will red be Jenner’s next color of choice, will she end up sticking to rose quartz, or will we end up seeing a style resurgence of Electric-Blue Jenner?

It’s obvious, no matter what color she picks, Jenner commits.

(At least for a little while.)

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