Kylie Jenner has responded to her business’ failing grade

Kylie Jenner received backlash when word got out that the Better Business Bureau served up an “F” rating for her company, Kylie Cosmetics. Over 100 complaints from customers included issues with the packages being stolen as well as problems with product and service. To appease her fans and customers, Kylie released a statement addressing the BBB rating on her website and Instagram.

In the post, she states that the BBB reassessed the issues and changed the rating. “I’ve sold millions of lip kits and any complaint we’ve received to date has been addressed in a timely manner,” she wrote before adding, “I’m sick and tired of people coming for my business. I love everything about Kylie Cosmetics and I will do anything in my power to protect and improve it every day and make you guys happy.” In the caption, Kylie added a note about possibly lowering the cost of domestic shipping (which is currently at a flat rate of $8.95) or offering special free shipping days.

The grade was first changed from an F to a C, then a B-, and now there is no rating displayed. According to E!, the BBB stated that Kylie’s company is working with them to resolve the complaints and a new rating will be issued after another reassessment.


Even if you’re a famous celebrity, having your own business can be hard work. Whether you’re a fan of Kylie’s or not, it’s great to see that she cares about making her customers happy and is being proactive about solving an issues — something we very rarely see with bigger brands.

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