Kylie Jenner proves that the best selfie lighting can be found in the most unexpected places

Who would’ve thought that the refrigerator can do a whole a lot more than keep your food chill? We certainly didn’t. But leave it to a Kardashian to figure this little lifehack out. Kylie Jenner just showed all of us where we can find the best lighting in the evening, and we’re so grateful!

After taking a few bomb selfies of her new blonde do’ on her sofa, the 19-year-old reality television star ventured off into the kitchen for a lot more than chips and salsa. And as seen on People, upon opening the refrigerator door, Kylie realized that her refrigerator delivers the best light a selfie queen can ask for, and we definitely agree!

It totally makes sense! We’re used to seeing King Kylie spending a ton of time in her kitchen. She was bound to find another use for the freezer box sooner or later. Thanks to the youngest of the Kardashian clan, we won’t worry about getting all of our best selfies in before sundown anymore.

By the way, we’re totally loving the blonde look on you, Kylie!

Kylie’s brain is filled with innovations, but the refrigerator lighting is definitely one of the most surprising to date. Keep ’em coming, Kylie!

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