Kylie Jenner recalls the real reason why she got lip injections

It’s an unfortunate reality that the world we live in has such rigid beauty standards for women — and that so many of us deal with insecurities about our looks at some point in our lives. No one is spared this kind of cruelty, even the most famous among us. During the latest episode of her Life of Kylie reality show, Kylie Jenner admitted the reason she got lip injections was because of a comment a boy made about her appearance.

The star first made this revelation in a Complex interview in 2016, but this is the first time we’ve seen her reference the moment on television.

It goes without saying that if someone wants to have plastic surgery or get fillers because it will make them happy and help them feel good about themselves, they should absolutely do it with gusto. It’s about time that the choices women make about their bodies stop coming under such intense scrutiny, whether or not you agree with them. But even more importantly, we need to start doing the hard work of helping women love and accept themselves exactly as they are.

Kylie’s decision to get lip injections came after a boy told her he was afraid she’d be a bad kisser because of her lips.

All young women grapple with their looks and society’s expectations for them. And it’s important to always remember how powerful words can be, and that there can be painful repercussions to commenting on someone else’s appearance.

If Kylie Jenner isn’t immune to the cruelties of youth, it’s no wonder the rest of us aren’t.

Luckily, time has given Kylie the benefit of perspective and she has found confidence and happiness within herself. This is just another reminder that we need to be pushing ourselves and those around us to think before we speak, because we never know how our words will affect another person.

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