Kylie Jenner looks absolutely radiant in this makeup free selfie

Even though she’s known for her best-selling cosmetic line (among a million other things), Kylie Jenner has just proved that she most definitely does not need any makeup to look completely stunning.

In a recent Instagram post, she casually snapped a candid makeup-less moment that will make you double take.

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner is an effortless beauty as she sneaks a sly smile from behind her phone. Of course it’s no surprise at all that she looks absolutely beautiful. Her whole Instagram page is filled with pictures of the young superstar looking totally on-point.

What sets this apart is the fact that it almost feels like an after thought. Instead of the perfect poses we usually see her in (not to mention the obviously gorgeous makeup she’s always sporting), she looks like she could have just rolled out of bed. And she clearly got her beauty sleep because the girl looks amazing.

It’s nice to see this other side of the cosmetic guru and to be reminded that even someone who sells the stuff doesn’t believe you always need to be wearing it to look good. She doesn’t even include a caption or hashtag #nomakeup to emphasize her natural beauty. Instead, she lets the picture speak for itself.

And it, like most pictures, is worth a thousand words.

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