Kylie Jenner is being praised by fans for this video of her styling Stormi’s natural hair—here’s why

Kylie Jenner is nothing if not a devoted mama. She often posts photos from major milestones (like daughter Stormi’s first steps), birthday parties, and those many sweet everyday moments. And now, Kylie is receiving high praise on social media for learning how to better style and protect Stormi’s hair.

For context, black women are often sorely overlooked when it comes to their hair styling needs. The list of nightmare stories is long—from professional hair stylists who have little to no experience styling natural hair to actresses who literally have to do their own hair and makeup on big budget productions…all because so many white people don’t know—or even care to learn—the basics of non-white hair care. But it looks as though Kylie is putting in both the time and effort to educate herself on her daughter’s hair (Stormi, whose dad is rapper Travis Scott, is mixed-race) and share her process with others.

Kylie shared a video of herself doing Stormi’s hair to her Instagram Stories, which a fan account reposted on April 7th.

She captioned the video, "I love doing her hair. I’m not the best but I love learning. Some of my favorite memories are of my mom doing my hair."

People of color took note, with many saying that they appreciated Kylie’s efforts.

Kylie’s video is definitely making an impact. What are your thoughts?

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