Kylie Jenner’s pop up shop looked totally epic and we have major FOMO

Kylie Jenner has been making our virtual makeup wishes come true for a while, but now Kylie has a pop-up shop in Topanga Canyon at Westfield Mall. The shop features a full range of cosmetics and exclusive Limited Edition holiday gift sets. You’ll also have access to the best sellers, including the Kylie Lip Kits that everyone is dying for. Hold while I book my plane ticket.

Kylie’s pop-up shop is chic, sexy, and modern, just like the creator herself.

In fact, the store was designed by Kylie and resembles her real life bedroom. The Kylie Cosmetics website says the pop-up shop is:

"a perfect way for fans to experience the glamour and luxury loved by the youngest member of the famed Kardashian/Jenner family."

Kylie posted this video to her Instagram this week and from the looks of it, we missed something super fun. These behind-the-scenes moments prove Kylie really knows how to throw a launch party. And Kylie is killing it in that terra cotta body con dress, btw.

Kylie had her mom Kris Jenner in tow as she entered to lots of screaming fans and flashing cameras. Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga also joined the pair. Kylie made the rounds at what looks an amazing day for makeup sales.

Kylie Lip Kits are the hot item for the holiday, and at $29 for the lipstick and the liner, you can afford to get them for your whole squad.

You better hustle down there, though, because the shop will only exist for as long as supplies last. So, hurry, girl.

If you can’t make to Southern California, you can still head over to her website where the full line is available — what’s already not sold out, that is!

You can also check out exclusive footage from the opening on Kylie’s app.