Kylie Jenner just opened up about Photoshop on her Paper magazine cover

Kylie Jenner is gracing Paper magazine’s April cover  and it’s certainly got the Internet talking. Why? Because it’s transformed her into a literal doll. The Photoshop is pretty obvious and Kylie is here to let her Instagram followers know in advance that no, the way she looks on the cover is not natural. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians little sis shared a pic of her cover, which features her heavily edited to look more doll-like while wearing a plastic pink wig. “Yes, my eyes and lips are edited to look bigger,” she wrote in the caption, adding that the cover “amazing.”

Kylie has been open about using lip fillers in the past, admitting on KUWTK and in the New York Times that she has used Juvederm.  We think that Kylie talking about being Photoshopped on a magazine cover and being totally transparent is pretty great. She knows that young women look up to her and may have wondered how they, too, could have bigger eyes and lips like on her magazine cover. Before anyone can allege that Kylie or Paper were trying to present this look as a beauty ideal, she’s heading them off at the pass. As long as it’s made clear, what’s the problem?

“[W]e can’t think of anyone better to be on the cover of our YOUth issue than Kylie Jenner,” Paper explained on their site. “She’s literally grown up on our screens since she was nine years old and, in that spirit, we turned to our phones for our cover story, asking fans and followers to send questions to us via Instagram DMs. In the resulting interview, Kylie shares her thoughts on fame, family and the future.”

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