Should Kylie Jenner be able to own the name “Kylie?” Kylie Minogue doesn’t think so

Now that her empire is growing increasingly through her popular cosmetics and fashion lines, Kylie Jenner wants legal ownership of her first name and has filed a petition to trademark it. Thing is, she’s not the only famous person  with the moniker. Australian pop star Kylie Minogue, whose first album was released in 1988—almost a decade before Kylie Jenner was born—has filed an opposition to Jenner’s trademark application.

The Guardian reports that the notice of opposition, which was filed by a firm representing Minogue called KDB, claims Jenner’s trademark would cause confusion for Minogue’s fans and would potentially result in damage to the singer’s reputation. Minogue currently has her own trademarks, which include her full name “Kylie Minogue,” along with “Kylie Minogue Darling” (her perfume brand) and “Lucky — the Kylie Minogue musical.”

In the trademarking process, any party who believes it may be damaged due to the trademark registration has thirty days to file an opposition, which is then held before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). Jenner also filed a trademark application for the name “Kylie” in association with entertainment services, which has opposed or addressed yet by Minogue’s reps. She’s not the only Jenner sibling attempting to take ownership of her name. According to TMZ, Kendall Jenner, is also seeking a trademark for the same.

As for the fate of their name, the two Kylies will just have to wait and see what the TTAB decides. In the meantime, Minogue has publicly addressed the battle for her name with one tweet: