Kylie Jenner got a new tattoo, but like, what is it?

Kylie Jenner is the Regina George of the Internet. If she cut two holes in a T-shirt and said it was NBD, thousands of people would grab scissors and follow suit. If she swore by putting foot cream that smelled like peppermint on her face, stores would sell out. Her every move is obsessed over in great detail and emulated by fans around the world. And we’re betting her newest tattoo will be, too.

Today, Kylie revealed some new ink: a tiny red doodle of, well, we aren’t exactly sure what it is yet. Is that a sunburst? And is the top line a word? That starts with the letter “O”? Whatever it is, we’re predicting that small red tattoos are going to start trending ASAP. Check out Kylie’s new ink and let us know what you think it is, because we have no idea.

In addition to sharing a tattoo selfie on Instagram, she also posted a series of videos on Snapchat documenting the process as it was happening.

In one of them, Caitlyn Jenner supervises in the background.

This new tat is the third in Kylie’s collection. Before this, she had the phonetic spelling of the word “sanity” inked (in red, of course) on her hip.

And before that, she started with a simple minimalistic red heart.

And that makes three red tattoos—that we know of. Surely, Kylie knows exactly what she’s doing. There’s bound to be a reason why all of her tattoos are similarly small and red. But why? What does it all mean? We have a few theories.

Perhaps her tattoos are all red because red is a strong color, and Kylie is a strong person. The color embodies her intense feelings of love, desire and determination. Or maybe she just likes how different the color/style is—after all, Kylie has never been one to follow trends; she sets them.

Perhaps she’s attracted to the thought of her tats all matching, because she changes up the rest of her look so often. Or maybe, Kylie’s red tattoos are all one big marketing campaign for her new Mary Jo Lip Kit. (We doubt it, though.)

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