Kylie Jenner’s new makeup ad stars her best friends and that’s so awesome

Kylie Jenner has proven herself to be the queen of fast-selling Lip Kits, but it actually gets better. Her new Brown Sugar Lip Kit releases tomorrow, and the ads feature her best friends! 

Here they are modeling the Love Bite shade.

And here they all are just hanging out as BFFS

TFW you hire your best friends to be your models…

Brown Sugar – “the perfect nude for deeper skin tones.”

But it looks amazing on everyone!

Now for some Dirty Peach.

Damnnnnnnnn. Looks so good!

Here’s Jenner with Jordyn Woods on set.

Obligatory flashback to the two of them goofing around!

We love that Jenner shares her work with her friends, because it makes for a very personalized Lip Kit. Clearly they had a lot of fun modeling the shades, too!


Brown Sugar. Love Bite. Dirty Peach.

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