Kylie Jenner is quickly growing a farm as she adds a pet chicken to her brood

If Peeps have taught us anything, it’s that chickens can be cute (and marshmallows can sometimes be gross), but Kylie Jenner’s new pet chicken puts them to shame.

The 19-year-old social-media star showed off the newest addition to her growing animal family on Snapchat recently, in a series of videos showing Eddie (that’s the chicken’s name, HOW CUTE) in his human mom’s arms and eating from her hands.

"Go slow, OK?" she can be heard saying as the super fluffy white bird pecks seed from her hands.

“Damn, Eddie with the neck game,” Kylie said in another Snapchat video of her new pet strutting around.

We weren’t sure #PetGoals was a thing before, but it definitely is now because we want our very own Eddie.

Aside from her style, social media, and makeup expertise, Kylie is known for her huge love of animals. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star owns multiple dogs — and in August 2015, she even adopted a rabbit she named Bruce (with no explanation behind the name, sadly).

“I feel so good,” she said at the time about having a bunny as part of her family.

We love Kylie’s pet obsession, and she seems like an amazing pet owner. In fact, the teen even skipped the American Music Awards last year because her dog Bambi was having puppies.

And she kept both of Bambi’s puppies because that is just the kind of gal she is.

Dogs, chickens, bunnies — whatever animals join Kylie’s brood, we know they will get all the greatest love and attention. And if she has time to start a reality series just about her pets, we’ll be sure to tune in religiously.

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