Kylie Jenner gave us all a glimpse of her “real hair,” and we love how excited she is about it

Lavender, bubblegum pink, Marilyn Monroe blonde, and even Little Mermaid red—we’ve seen Kylie Jenner rock practically every shade and length of hair under the sun. She recently sported a retro cropped bob, but the same week she showed off length and major volume in an old Hollywood-esque hairstyle. So, it’s never surprising when Jenner makes a dramatic switch-up. This latest hair transformation, though, is a little different. The makeup mogul gave everyone a look at her “real hair,” and even she can’t believe how long it’s getting.

On Snapchat, Jenner showed off her natural strands, without wigs or extensions. A fan account captured the now-expired video for posterity. It appears that Kylie just stepped out of the shower, as she’s wrapped up in a towel with wet hair. She seems so excited noticing her “real hair,” as she calls it, in the mirror, that she had to snap the moment in celebration.

“Haven’t had my real hair this long since I was 15,” Jenner posted over the video of her running her hands through her strands.

Without trying, Jenner has an amazing bob? How does she do this? The now-22-year-old looks to have that signature dark brunette hair we know from the Kardashian-Jenner clan (and we remember from when she was a kiddo), though because it’s wet, it’s hard to tell for certain.

What we do know for sure is we love following her many hair transformations, whether she feels like going all-natural or all the colors of the rainbow. Like, the time she went icy blue and completely pulled it off.

And, of course, there’s the aforementioned Ariel red from one of her many Halloween costumes this year.

Who could forget her purple moment (that Stormi then replicated) for the Met Gala?

She’s also experimented with all different lengths, from her ultra-long braid…

…and her thigh-length strands…

…to a chin-grazing bob.

For a good portion of her Instagram feed, she’s been brunette, but her second most common hair color is this icy blonde.

If you’re happy about growing out your hair, we’re happy about it, too, Kylie. Maybe she can keep it going until we’re not sure what’s her “real hair” and what’s another look for the gram.

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