Kylie Jenner just modeled her Kourtney-inspired lip kit color as part of her new look

It’s a new day, and that means Kylie Jenner has a new look once again. The 18-year-old wouldn’t be the beauty mogul that she is if she didn’t consistently change her hair and her makeup — even if she’s only wearing a wig. She’s basically one step ahead of herself at all times, which doesn’t even make sense, but also makes all the sense.

Jenner took to Snapchat on Wednesday night to debut her new look in a series of 32 clips (so pretty much her every move of the night) featuring her blonde hair, her Kourtney-inspired lip kit color, along with various famous friends and family members.

Starting with this clip of Jenner throwing shade — a shade of purple, to be exact:

Kourt K all the way:

Surprising Kendall:

Snapchat Queen vs. Snapchat Queen:

Bathroom stall stuff:

Kanye and Tyga got in on the bathroom stall action:

After a long night of Snapchatting, she bid her fans a goodnight: