Kylie Jenner opened up about why she missed her prom, saying, “It was really sad”

While definitely not for everyone, prom can be pretty magical. You get to party with your friends in class and style, reveling in excitement for the future. But unfortunately, for Kylie Jenner, prom wasn’t a milestone. She missed out because she was ultimately homeschooled, and admits that “it was really sad.”

In April, Jenner attended prom with super-fan Albert Ochoa (which, side note, was ADORABLE). The whole getting-ready process was documented for her reality show, Life of Kylie, and it ended up leading to Kylie’s friends and assistants opening up about their prom memories and experiences. It was at this point that Kylie revealed she had never been to prom — her own or anyone else’s.

“I had to unfollow all my friends I went to school with,” Jenner continued. “They probably all thought I hated them, but I just couldn’t see it.”

She told her assistant, Victoria, that her friends posted a ton of group photos around that time, and — as a teen who was now on the outside looking in — it was just too hard to see (Jenner began getting homeschooled in 2012, so she still knew plenty of kids going the traditional schooling route).

The makeup and modeling mogul officially graduated in 2015.

Judging by the many videos and photos taken by Ochoa’s fellow prom-goers, it seems like Jenner had a wonderful prom night. We’re happy she finally got to experience that right of adolescent passage! false

And we’re glad she went with that nude dress — it’s so Kylie.

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