Did Kylie Jenner hint at the sex of her baby with her new nail color?

While Kylie Jenner has yet to confirm or deny the pregnancy rumors swirling around her, she keeps doling out clues that suggest she’s pregnant. She recently posted what many are calling a “sex reveal manicure.” Jenner is a Gen Z’er, and revealing whether or not you’re having a boy or a girl with a manicure feels like a very on-brand thing to do.

Jenner captioned a photo of her hand adorned with bright pink nails and butterfly rings. If this photo is a reveal, then she’s having a baby girl.

The most curious thing is that she captioned the photo: “shoot day.” We’re guessing the photo is a sneak peek at an upcoming sex reveal photo shoot OR she’s just shooting something for her cosmetics brand.

However, the pink butterflies might be giving her away because her and boyfriend Travis Scott love butterflies. Jenner’s hand is covered in pink butterflies, the couple has matching butterfly tattoos, and Scott has a song called “Butterfly Effect” that many think is about Jenner. Clearly, this couple has got butterflies on the mind, which makes us inclined to think that those pink rings are pretty significant.

Here’s the photo Jenner posted that many are calling the ~sex reveal manicure.~


And the receipts regarding the couple’s butterfly obsession.

Let’s recap just so we’re all on the same page. Jenner is rumored to be pregnant. She hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumor, but she did post a photo of pink nails and pink butterflies, and butterflies are a very significant insect in her relationship. So it’s very likely that if she is pregnant — she’s having a girl.

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