Kylie Jenner ~is~ Malibu Barbie in Flaunt Magazine

Thanks to Aqua, we will always want to be “Barbie Girls,” spending our days under the warm Malibu sun, partying with friends like Ken and enjoying the easy, breezy life. And while that dream may be just that for most of us, it looks like Kylie Jenner got to live out our fantasy and wow, are we jealous. Kylie is the spitting image of Malibu Barbie in her Flaunt Magazine photoshoot, wearing everything from the glittery, neon pink ’80s one piece of our dreams to the baby pink velvet crop top. And yes, every look is lust-worthy. 

In “So many margaritas, so little feeling,” Kylie also wears the most luscious, beautiful blonde wig we’ve ever seen. It’s nearly perfect and when paired with the colorful and vibrant decor of this photoshoot it glows, not literally, but you get what we mean! Kylie looks like the cool, Millenial Barbie we wish we had. From Juicy sweatpants to neon flatforms, this whole editorial is full of the best bubblegum goth pieces.

We also love the makeup on this shoot. What would it be without THE brightest pink lip around? And of course, the lips match Kylie’s pink nails. This looks like the Barbie mansion we always wanted but never got because it was too expensive. Except you know, this one is real and you can ACTUALLY live in it. And extra points if you’re as stylish as Kylie when you’re hanging out.

If you’ve ever sworn by “all pink everything,” then this may be your fashion bible. Who else but Kylie Jenner, and the Flaunt Magazine team, would manage to make us want to literally live in rose-colored glasses, and then buy a new wardrobe (and furniture) to match?

This is so good, we can’t get enough.

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