Kylie Jenner debuted her latest magazine cover during the Kardashian Christmas card controversy

While the world was patiently waiting for Kylie Jenner to make her KarJenner Christmas card debut, she pulled a fast one and popped up on the cover of Love magazine instead. Everyone was convinced that Kylie would announce her pregnancy on the 25th day of her family’s Christmas card advent, but she continued to lay-low and out of the spotlight. In fact, Kylie didn’t appear in a single image from the 25-day rollout of the annual Christmas card. Then, on Christmas Day, Kylie shared an Instagram photo of her face on the cover of Love magazine’s Spring/Summer 2018 issue.

Kendall Jenner photographed the cover shoot for her sister while mom Kris Jenner conducted the interview. Since Kylie has been ultra private in recent months, it makes sense that Kylie would only trust her family with this new, probably pregnant, photoshoot and interview. Despite the fanfare surrounding Kylie at the moment, the only bit of text available from the interview is a few sentences about her cosmetic empire.

"I was just trying to keep up with myself. All businesses, every company, makes little mistakes here and there. Growing it in front of so many people all of a sudden was kind of hard," Kylie told the mag.

This one headshot and a quote about her business are all we’re getting from Kylie and her rumored baby bump. There was a brief fan theory that she gave birth over the holidays, but Khloe put that to rest when she shared a photo of Kylie from Christmas Day on Snapchat.


We’re leaning towards the prevailing fan theory that Kylie will announce her pregnancy when she welcomes her baby into the world.