Blonde Kylie Jenner looks INSANELY like sister Kim in latest Snapchat

If you’re a fan of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, then you undoubtedly have already heard about Kylie Jenner’s latest blonde-hair debut (and yes, she looks ah-mazing — let’s just get that fact out of the way upfront). But what you might have overlooked is just how much her new do is making her look like older sister Kim (back in the day when Kim was rocking blonde of course). Like, seriously. It’s kind of insane

Alright, here’s Kylie rocking out the trendy blonde locks.

Okay, now get a load of this BLAST FROM THE PAST photo of Kim with blonde hair (it wasn’t really that long ago…we just like saying that).

Seeing double, right?

And here’s another one of Kim, because we can’t get enough of this look.

Kylie even looks like Kim with a furry Snapchat face! Now that’s something.

Seriously — which sister are we even looking at any more?! From certain angles it’s legitimately hard to tell who’s who.

However, one thing’s for damn sure: Kylie looks good! She’s 100% giving us major hair goals, and — if you were wondering — yes, we’re currently trying to figure out if we would look good in that same shade of blonde/the logistics of bleaching our hair tonight.