Why everyone is talking about that new Kylie Jenner lip kit

Remember back in April, when people were trying the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge? You know, that dangerous technique to pump up one’s lips like Kylie’s by sucking on a shot glass or a bottle? Yeah, we’re relieved that’s totally over, too.

But if you are secretly still kind of envious of Kylie’s lips, she has heard your cries and released a line of lip makeup. The goddess of contouring and lip regimens has been teasing her new lip kit for months now on Instagram, and we are not going to lie, it’s intriguing.

This new business venture has been nervewracking for Kylie, she told Galore back in September.

“. . . For my new lip kit, I just put in my order for how many of them I want produced from my manufacturer,” she explained. “I was struggling with the number to ask them to make because I was like, Do I want to make this much? No, because nobody is going to buy it. I didn’t want to order that much. But then my mom was like, ‘Kylie, people are going to want your lip kit.’” (Considering the most-Googled beauty question is, according to Vogue, “How do I get Kylie Jenner’s lips,” we’re pretty sure Mama Kris was right.)

Kylie’s line is now out with three different shades: Dolce K, Candy K, and TrueBrown K. Though they all can be classified as nudes, they range from a rosier hue to a darker brown.

Each lip kit includes a liquid lipstick and a liquid liner to get you that perfect pout. The line will be made available today at noon EST.

Kylie’s line has its own Instagram handle, @lipkitbykylie, where you can see a video of the color swatches being applied as well as pics of Kylie’s BFF, Jordyn Wood, modeling the different shades. Although we’re not sure how much they’ll cost, Kylie will be unveiling the link to purchase these products in whichever shade you choose in just a matter of hours.

So no more of that Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, guys. Instead, if you’re still dying for Kylie’s look, pucker up and try these babies out. Follow the page’s Instagram here for updates on where to buy.

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