This woman put on 100 layers of Kylie Jenner’s lip kit and we can’t look away

Okay, so we love Kylie Jenner’s lip kit as much as the next person (or more!), but rarely do we feel the need to slather 100 coats onto our lips. That would be kind of crazy. And sort of fun… but shut the front door, it’s already been done by a YouTube star!

That’s right, Superb Stella got hold of Jenner’s Candy K lip shade, and because she had a bit of time on her hands, she decided applied 100 coats, and we get to witness this. If you’re thinking it might take a long time to actually achieve that, you’re probably right…

… but have no fear, Stella is NOT a newbie—she knows what she’s doing. Her video is just over two minutes, and it’s in fast-motion to add to the excitement (and trepidation!).

Are you ready?! Here we GO! 

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So yeah, that was just Emma Stone, but we had to get you in the lipstick mood. Here we go for real.

As you can see, Superb Stella is a machine. The amazing thing is, apart from the fact that she went to all the trouble of actually applying 100 layers, is that she managed to squeeze that much out of one single tube!

It’s also mildly amusing that she can’t really move her lips at the end, but when you think about it… that many layers would be pretty traumatic for your lips.

She mentions her lips being cracked from this (in her own words) “ridiculous exercise” as well. At least she looks great in that color! Hmmm, ultimately we’re glad Stella made this happen for us. What will be next, we wonder?! 1,000 coats? Every lip kit shade applied at the same time?

The world is Stella’s oyster, apparently. Go forth and amaze us again! We’re ready to go next level.

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