Kylie Jenner kissed Tyga under her ginormous Christmas tree in this adorable Insta pic, and, just awww

So it’s almost Christmas, and everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. AKA they’re feeling the love, and expressing it in the most magical settings. Quite literally.

And in the spirit of holiday adorableness,  Kylie Jenner kissed Tyga under her Christmas tree, and the moment was captured in a super awww-worthy photo.

Now you might want to start mentally preparing for this, because this also happens to be the most ginormous Christmas tree you’ve probably ever seen. And it’s covered in snow and decorations that all go together in perfect harmony. And it has presents underneath (yup, the wrapping paper matches the tree). Phew, Kylie is ON IT.

Okay, ready for this burst of Christmas inspo?

"All I want for Christmas is you .. ❄️"

Even though that sentence obviously wasn’t directed at us, we’re blushing.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW you guys! And this isn’t even the only special snap they’ve posted recently! The cuteness just keeps on coming.

And we’re feeling ALL the lovin’ vibes (also, still blushing from earlier).

Again…YOU GUYS. Thanks for giving us #relationshipgoals and inspiration for decorating our Christmas tree! Whether we go for the rainbow colored option or the half-lit tree that’s all the rage, we hope ours looks as magical as yours.

Of course, let’s also not put TOO much pressure on ourselves…because at the end of the day, even a non-perfect, non-giant (real or fake) tree will fill a house with good vibes.

Wishing Jenner and Tyga the happiest of Christmases, and we’ll be looking out for more lovey-dovey snaps in the coming days.

Because that’s right, there’s no such thing as ‘enough’ when it comes to happy couples being happy during the holiday season.

H/T Us Weekly

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