Kylie Jenner just quit her app after personal info about her sex life was posted without her permission

The Kardashians/Jenners continue to be a source of major intrigue. Right now, we’re super confused over here, because Kylie Jenner just quit her app. Why? According to Refinery29, Kylie Jenner quit her app because of a post about sex. Some personal info about her relationship was posted, and she’s less than pleased.

So what, exactly, caused Kylie Jenner to quit her app? She took to Twitter to explain.

From what we can gather, the issue is that the post implies she and boyfriend Tyga are having sex, and like, we guess we can see why she’d be irritated that this was posted without her permission. Out of respect for Kylie, we’re not going to share the original post, considering that it was enough for her to shut down posting on her app.

And seriously, who are we to judge? Her past actions may seem ~scandalous~ or whatever, but that doesn’t mean her entire life is our business. While we might not all understand why she was so upset by the post, she was, and that’s all that really matters.

Whatever her reasoning, Kylie Jenner just quit her app, but still sends love.

We heart you t0o, girl.

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