Kylie Jenner just posted this selfie and you can finally see her beautiful freckles

We’re used to seeing Kylie Jenner flaunt her flawless makeup (usually  done with her own Kylie Cosmetics products) but in a recent Instagram, the teen beauty mogul shared a rarely-seen beauty lewk — FRECKLES. No, Kylie isn’t exploring the faux freckles trend. The recently turned 19-year-old skipped concealer and foundation for the shot, revealing her naturally spotted complexion.

Seriously, how cute is she?

This actually isn’t the first time Kylie showed off her cute face constellations.

Earlier this year, Kylie posted a “freckle appreciation post,” proving that while she does love makeup, she has no problem with her dots.

But she does admit to being self-conscious of them in the past.

She may proudly show them off now, but, like many of us, she once wished she had skin that was free of spots.

Kylie has also declared certain days to be makeup-free .

Tuesday was apparently the day of rest for her makeup brushes.

While we love seeing her various makeup lewks, it’s cool to see that Kylie doesn’t mind forgoing a perfectly beat face from time to time, even if she’s just feeling lazy. Something many of us fellow freckled-face, makeup lovers can relate to!

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