Kylie Jenner just got an adorable Husky puppy and we can’t handle this

So, the best way to handle the Monday blues is to gush over a sweet puppy dog…and guess what? You are about to do exactly that!

Because Kylie Jenner just happened to get an adorable puppy! He’s a blue-eyed Husky, and even though he’s kinda shy, he’s supper cuddly.

Jenner’s weiner dog used to be our everything, but there’s just something about a puppy joining a new family that captures ALL our attention. Of course, this specific dog family is somewhat prestigious — remember when they were transformed into “Secret Life of Pets” characters? Yup, this little guy has many great moments ahead for him.

Lucky for us, Jenner took to Snapchat to document his housewarming experience, and we’re positively smitten.


Look at that intense stare! This little guy has ATTITUDE. But he’s still a mommy’s boy!


Side note: We love how Jenner is showing off her legs in this pic. Damn, girl!


Here he is cuddling up to Khloé!

Okay, this one just stole our heart.


Hmmmmm…doesn’t look like the husky is TOO shy.

We’re super jealous of Jenner and her new pup! And just so you know, we are totally available for dog-sitting!

This is definitely the year for celebrity puppies. Who could forget that Blac Chyna got two new puppies, and Ariel Winter got a new best friend as well! It’s true: Dogs really are the best friends ever. And hey, it’s almost Christmas… if you’ve been thinking of adding a new addition to the family…

H/T: Us Weekly

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