Kylie Jenner just brought back lace-up jeans and we’re seriously feeling it so hard

When it comes fashion, Kylie Jenner is definitely a celebrity who does not disappoint. The 19-year-old is basically a fashion mogul, as we all know and love her lip kits and recent addition of eyeshadow palettes. Even in her day-to-day life, Kylie tends to make some pretty awesome and unique fashion choices, especially when it comes to retro pieces. Just the other day, for example, Kylie rocked a pair of white lace-up jeans straight from the early 2000s. Was she at a photoshoot or movie set? Nope. She was simply on her way to meet her boyfriend, Tyga, for lunch. Casual, right?

As Khalea Underwood at Us points out, the color of the jeans is super 2000s, but so is a key detail: the lacings. Back in the early 2000s, it was super common to see jeans “lace up” in the crotch area instead of a zipper. It was also a big trend to see lacings go up and down the sides of pants. And trust us, Kylie’s pants do not disappoint in the lacings department!

Check out the rockin’ pants courtesy of Kylie’s own Instagram, below:

And yes, her hair is literally rose gold! The young model makes a lot of changes when it comes to her hair, and the most recent switch up is seriously stunning, especially in the natural light. Check out some shots from the past week:

Personally, we LOVE the way Kylie mixes retro and contemporary fashion to form a truly unique look. We can’t wait to see what she comes out with next!

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