Kylie Jenner is the latest celeb to wear a shirt with her own face on it in teaser for pop-up shop

Wearing a shirt with your own face on it is fantastic way to assert confidence while getting meta. In the latest teaser for her new pop-up shop, Kylie Jenner wore a shirt with her own face on it, and we can only hope this is a preview of pieces to come. Just a few days ago, we freaked out when we caught wind of the news that Kylie would be launching a brick and mortar store in California for the holidays. But now, after seeing the most recent Instagram photo of the young star sullenly posing in a sweatshirt of herself wearing lingerie, we’re hoping she’ll be selling sweatshirts of her face in the Kylie Jenner pop-up shop.

Other celebs have been participating in this totally meta t-shirt trend, such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Evan Peters, and even her sister, Kim Kardashian. However, Kylie has actually done this before.

Between her sweatshirt and her actual face, there’s a double-glare going on here.

Her other teasers for the pop-up included her posing in lingerie while draped in fur.

We’re hoping she’ll be doling out the peacefulness of this scenario in her pop-up shop.

How much does serenity in the form of lace cost? We’ll soon find out.

While we love the lingerie she’s showing off, but we’re partial to the meta sweatshirt of her wearing lingerie.

Perhaps her shop will include images of the whole Kardashian and Jenner clan.

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