Kylie Jenner is possibly coming out with a Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Day-themed collection

There’s no slowing the Kylie Cosmetics’ train down anytime soon — if their last few collections have been an indication of the level of creativity and production they’ve got going on, we have a feeling they still have plenty of aces up their sleeves! Kylie decided to tease us all with a sneak peek of a new collection, and it looks like it could be Valentine’s Day-themed! You know Kylie loves every holiday, no matter how small, so it wouldn’t surprise us if she has come up with something absolutely luscious for the impending romantic day!

We and the rest of the Internet are abuzz with excitement at the possibilities that are headed our way. A new lipstick collection? A blush? A Kyshadow palette? Whatever it is, you know it’s going to be absolutely spectacular!

We see the words sweet and kiss on there, we think! What could it possibly be!? Kylie is a total romantic, so it seems perfectly natural that she would develop something special for Valentine’s Day.

Naturally, her fans are wildly speculating as to what it could be, and we’re right there with them!



We love how excited everyone is. Kylie knows what she’s doing, y’all! She’s got everyone waiting with baited breath to reveal what wonders her collection could contain.

In an effort to not just sit around and bite our nails while we wait to find out what is in store, let’s take a look at some of the beautiful makeup creations she’s got on her Insta! We can always use a little inspo!

Gorgeous! Now if only we could make it look like that when we used them…

Keep your eyes peeled on Kylie’s social media as well as for the latest info on her upcoming collection!