Kylie Jenner is possibly coming out with a Kylie Cosmetics highlighter

We are thankful for food on the table, the roofs over our heads, and now, makeup fans can also express gratitude for the latest beauty news: Kylie Jenner is coming out with highlighter. There’s no stopping this beauty mogul as she continues to dominate the cosmetic world.

Being the sleuths they are, apparently, Teen Vogue casually browsed the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office and quickly found out that Kylie Jenner filed a trademark for Kylighter back in June. We can only hope (and assume) that this means she’ll be releasing a new Kylie Cosmetics product that will provide makeup lovers with bright, patented shimmer to make their skin glow like a tiny sun.

As of now, Kylie herself hasn’t publicly shared news about a possible Kylighter, so we will have to suffer in suspense.

One thing is true, though, Kylie loves to create products using her name. Just think, her eyeshadow palette is called Kyshadow and her liner is titled Kyliner. See a theme happening here?  Hopefully, this new discovery will spark the fire to push her to release it sooner. Once the public becomes impatient, there’s more incentive.

It makes sense for her to release a highlighter, considering how devoted she is to her skincare routine.

What would it look like though? We need answers sooner than later!

We will be here patiently waiting to hear more details!