Kylie Jenner’s Instagram post about Lunchables has us shook

Any ’90s kid will remember the joy of opening that signature Lunchables box and building your own pizza or cracker stack. While they might not be glamorous, they still remain one of our favorite childhood comfort foods. But Kylie Jenner’s most recent Instagram Story has us doubting the way we always enjoyed these treats, and we need to talk about this.

Last night, June 20th, Jenner took to Instagram Stories and posted a video of a Lunchables pizza…in the microwave. As if that weren’t enough to make us question our entire existence, the makeup mogul also included a poll asking her followers if they preferred their Lunchables hot or cold. And — you might want to sit down for this — as of the morning of June 21st, a whopping 70% of respondents said they prefer their Lunchables hot.

We don’t know about you, but we generally ate Lunchables at school, and therefore ate our snack packs cold. But have we been doing it all wrong?

Jenner herself also seemed taken aback by the idea. As she zooms in on the pizza in the microwave, she calls them, “disgusting,” to which her boyfriend Travis Scott replies, “world-class sh*t.” So it seems that Jenner doesn’t condone warm Lunchables either.



Twitter users were just as shook as we are.



Everyone has their own food preferences, and we’re not about to judge those 70% of Jenner followers who heat up their Lunchables pizza. But we’re still pretty blown away by this revelation.

What do you think? Are you Team Hot or Team Cold?

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