There are rumors that Kylie Jenner is in labor RIGHT NOW

Okay people, this is not a drill! All right it might be a drill, but it also might not be. Twitter is currently whispering that Kylie Jenner is in the hospital giving birth at this very moment. No one is quite sure where the rumor originated, but even Say Bible, which is the unofficial podcast of all things Kardashian, has tweeted about it on their official Twitter account.

For those who don’t know (and to repeat it for everyone who does know, but just never gets tired of hearing this), 20-year-old Kylie Jenner is rumored to be expecting a baby with boyfriend Travis Scott. Kylie nor her reps have confirmed the story, but Kylie has been conspicuously absent in all Kardashian-Jenner related public events and promos for the last six or so months, and has been keeping a suspiciously low profile on social media since this past September when the story of her pregnancy first broke.

This is what Twitter is currently saying:


HOWEVER, there is another potential explanation. Perhaps Kim’s surrogate delivered, and Kylie was popping by the hospital for a visit? It’s possible, if maybe not probable (we’re thinking Kim would want a little time to herself first, no?).

We should note that, at this point, this is 100% speculation, and we won’t really know anything until Kylie herself decides to share. Which, we have to admit, is how it should be. We’ll now attempt to keep our Friday chill and trust that Kylie will tell us any and all info when she’s good and ready.

Deep breaths, people.

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