Kylie Jenner hinted that her next Kylie Cosmetics collaboration could be with THIS sister

Anytime Kylie Jenner collaborates with her siblings on a makeup collection the line inevitably sells out in mere moments — both the Kylie Cosmetics x Kim Kardashian West line, as well as the Koko collaboration with Khloé, were mega hits that turned out to be gorgeous, must-have products. Fans have been waiting to see if she’d keep working with the rest of her siblings as well, and it looks like we may have gotten a clue as to a possible collaboration with the oldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney.

Fans asked Kylie point blank on Twitter if she has any plans to create a Kylie Cosmetics x Kourtney Kardashian collection, and her sly little emoji has added plenty of fuel to the fires of speculation.

Could this be the next line we see from the Kardashian/Jenner klan? It’d be awesome to see how their seemingly opposite aesthetics come together on a makeup line, it’d be fierce as hell!

Kylie was equally coy when asked about a Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow palette, could that be an indication that it’s part of a Kourtney collab?

The latest Koko Kollection featured a face palette as well as a set of lipstick minis, so it isn’t really that much of a stretch to imagine that a Kourtney collab could feature a palette of some kind.

What do you think, is another sisterly collaboration headed our way?

We’ll be scouring all of the Kardashian and Jenner social media accounts for any signs of possible clues.

Can’t you just picture an eyeshadow palette with sexy earth tones and hot metallics being just up Kourtney’s alley? We clearly have a lot of questions about this, but it’s only because we’d be absolutely thrilled to see these ever-stylish sisters come together with a brand new makeup product or two.