Kylie Jenner has a message for anyone who thinks her latest Instagram selfie is photoshopped

Every time Kylie Jenner shares a selfie, the world is HERE FOR IT, and people react in a variety of different ways. Some praise her for being their queen. Others compliment her gorgeous hair, flawless makeup, and impeccable style. But some not-so-nice commenters accuse Kylie Jenner of photoshopping her pictures to enhance her figure.

Last week, the makeup mogul and reality TV star shared a tummy-baring selfie on Instagram. In the pic, she’s wearing a white shirt and showing off a pair of navy Puma briefs. As far as Kylie’s selfies go, it’s a fairly standard pic: Her phone is slightly covering her face, her makeup and nails are perfect, and her expression is somber.

But something SEEMED not quite right: Instagram users accused her of photoshopping the picture to make her waist appear slightly slimmer. Their main argument? The wall behind Kylie appears slightly warped.

Here’s the selfie in question:

“Look at the wall on her left side #photoshoped,” one Instagram user commented.

“Lol…nice try Kylie, I don’t think that curtain in the background is supposed to be bent,” wrote another.

King Kylie didn’t miss a beat. She fired right back at her haters, posting a response on Snapchat to explain the squiggly-looking wall and prove she didn’t alter the Instagram selfie.

“So, this is like, my selfie mirror and my Snapchat mirror,” Kylie’s voice explains in the video. “So for future, this is a curtain behind me that looks crooked.” For good measure, she wrote “for the photoshop [sic] police” on the video.

There you have it. Kylie did not doctor her Instagram pic. The Photoshop police can officially consider this case closed.

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