Kendall Jenner freaks out about her first gray hair, is all of us

Despite all the headlines you see out there, it’s pretty hard to imagine the Kardashians or the Jenners to be “just like us.” After all, not many of us have tried to officially “own” our first name, released our own line of nail polish, or casually sang onstage with Gwen Stefani at age seven (or *any* age, for that matter). But when Kendall Jenner found her first gray hair, she reacted like any of us have/would: she panicked.

On Snapchat, after she received a mini head massage from her BFF Hailey Baldwin, they found something that scared her a little bit: a light-colored hair. “We just pulled this hair out of my head and we can’t tell if it’s gray or blonde,” Kendall said in the video, sounding a *wee* bit stressed. “It’s blonde, right?! It’s blonde, right?!?!”

Hey, we wouldn’t be surprised if it were a gray hair — not only because plenty of people (your humble writer included) find grays at a young age, but because Kylie lives a busy life.

Besides, Kendall has rocked every hair color under the sun, so she can totally make gray  hair look amazing. After all, Hailey did it, and she looked fab! But either way, we can totally relate, Kendall, and we’re sending calming hair vibes your way.

UPDATE, 11:45am EST: This post has been updated to reflect that it was Kendall Jenner, not Kylie Jenner, who found the gray hair.

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