Kylie Jenner got a NEW PUPPY and her name is so cute

Kylie Jenner just received the most adorable early birthday present, giving us all the awwwwwws: a new puppy!

Isn’t she doggone cute? (Pun seriously intended.) The puppy, named Penny, is a gift from Kylie’s bestie Jordyn Woods, and she is Kylie’s fourth canine companion. The other pups’ names are Ernie, Norman, and Bambi — all excellent names for dogs! Penny apparently is destined to become Ernie’s new girlfriend, if this Snapchat is any indication:

You can hear the other dogs’ barks of excitement in this Snapchat:

Kylie can’t seem to stop posting Snapchats of her adorable puppy, and we can’t say we blame her!

Penny can’t help but make us smile:

Kylie took to Snapchat to share Penny’s potty training and naming:

Look at that face!

Kylie’s actual birthday isn’t until August 10th, but there’s nothing more fun than a surprise early birthday present! Congratulations on your new puppy, Kylie!

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