Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s matching tattoos have the sweetest significance in their relationship

Nothing says a relationship is the real deal quite like some ink, and Kylie Jenner’s latest tat says it all. In a recent post on Snapchat, Kylie and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, revealed matching tattoos that suggest her new bae gives her serious butterflies.

Kylie’s new tattoo features a teeny tiny delicate butterfly on the back of her ankle.

Coincidentally, it’s the exact same bit of ankle art Travis shared just a couple of hours after her post. We all know Kylie’s tattoos are typically full of mysterious messages, so it’s super important to note that her latest tattoo rests above her ankle on the back of her right leg, while the rapper’s ink is in the same spot on his opposite leg.

This couple takes butterflies seriously.

Since the start of their relationship two months ago, Kylie and Travis (Kyvis?) have been cryptically using the butterfly emoji on social media. A little while back, Kylie even ditched the notorious crown emoji featured on her Instagram handle and swapped it out for the butterfly.

We can only guess their mutual love for our fave winged bug stems from Travis’s song, “Butterfly Effect.”

The obsession is real between these two.

Here’s to Kylie’s new love and hoping that it runs as deep as her ink!

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