Kylie Jenner gives us a sneak peek of her new calendar, and she looks GOOD

So 2016 is almost at an end, and you know what that means? Brand spanking new 2017 calendars! Now most of us probably aren’t appearing in a calendar spread ourselves, but that’s okay — because Kylie Jenner is.

In fact, Jenner shows some serious skin for her calendar collaboration with fashion photographer Terry Richardson. And lucky for us, she gave a sneak peek on Instagram.

This may be a little different from the typical calendar you have hanging on your kitchen wall (landscapes and dog pics, anyone?), but change is a good thing! And we feel like we’re getting some major second-hand body confidence from how hard Kylie rocks her poses. GO GIRL! So much yes.

Love it already. Dripping with attitude!

Is 2017 shaping up to be great or what?

"Alright I want to keep the rest of the photos a secret, because I want you guys to surprised. But this one's April. So fucking bomb, Terry!"


"The Official KYLIE JENNER 2017 calendar with @terryrichardson launches on December 10th all exclusive terry photos. Check out my snapchat for a preview xoxo !"

We can’t wait to get our hands on this calendar and see more bold pics, because this is looking like a total winner and Kardashian-fan-must-have (which we definitely are. Sorry not sorry!). Huge congrats, Kylie!

Bring on 2017, we say!

H/T: Perez Hilton

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